Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideas and objectives of normal adulthood.”

 – Walt Disney

    Disney opened MGM Studios on May 1, 1989.  The 3rd Disney theme park to open in Florida is 135 acres.  It is based on movies and TV entertainment.  The original plan was that MGM would be an actual working studio instead of a theme park. 

     The park is broken up into several sections.  As you enter, you are in Hollywood Boulevard.  Turn right and you will be on Sunset Boulevard.  Turn left as you enter the park and you see Echo Lake.  Further inside on the far right is Pixar Place followed by Mickey Ave.  If you chose the right side, Commissary Lane will be further inside followed by Streets of America.  Animation court can be found off to your right of Center Stage.  Of all the Disney Parks, I found this one to be the most disorganized and confusing.

     This park had an Iconic symbol in the shape of Mickey’s Hat.  The Sorcerer’s Hat was removed 2015.

     The Tower of Terror ride is 199 feet tall.  Florida Federal Aviation Authority requires all buildings 200 feet and taller to have a flashing red light on top.

     Lately a lot of changes have been announced for this theme park, including a name change again.  This theme park started out as a classic Hollywood theme. 

     A new toy story themed area is in operation as of this writing.  The new Star Wars area is still under construction but will be opened up later this year. Right now you can zip through this park with ease. 6 or 7 hours and you can complete everything! With the new additions however, it will be most likely to turn this park back into a full day park again.  Rock N Rollercoaster, Toy Story Mania, and Tower of Terror and the new Slinky Dog Coaster still command 2 hour wait times during the busy seasons.  Also, Lights, Motors, Action is now removed to make way for the two new lands.  There are rumors that the great movie ride may be getting an update soon as well. 

* Update* A new Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway is replacing the Great Movie ride. This will be the first ever attraction to feature Mickey Mouse exclusively.

          The lagoon for Fantasmic is only 1and a half feet deep.  Inside the Great Movie ride there is an Egyptian scene. Take a closer look at the hieroglyphs.  You will find some that are funny.  Inside the Brown Derby restaurant, there are pictures.  The pictures with the gold frames are originals from the no longer existing restaurant in California. Have you ever noticed how the rebel spy on star tours is never wearing their glasses?  Hint, hint! 

     There are several great restaurants here to choose.  Not quite the caliber of Epcot but none the less very good for theme parks.  For reviews on these restaurants, go online and check them out before reserving a table.

Latest news at the studios: In September of 2018, Disney passholders will have access on select dates to peruse the new Toy Story Land.  Passholders will need to register online before entering the new land at HS.  With the closure of the Great Movie ride, many of the attractions have become busy due to the 2 new expansion lands not open as of yet.  Star Wars and Toy Story Land will enlarge the park by more than double the size once opened